Marcy Mendelson is an American fine-art photographer, conservationist and documentary filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany.

Growing up in the Northeastern United States, her arts education began young, with her cousin, the painter Laurence Kupferman, encouraging her to express her creative side, and spending summers at art colleges learning the fundamentals of classical foundation. As a student at Rhode Island School of Design, she shifted her focus from metalsmithing and sculpture to photography. Photography and film are the mediums of choice now, in one form or another be it photojournalism, landscape or portraiture.

With over 20 years of photography experience that began at a Communist Party demonstration on the streets of Rome, Marcy turns her lens toward Africa. Making good on a lifelong passion for conservation, she has journeyed solo to Southern & Eastern Africa to report on the state of cheetah conservation and human-wildlife conflict for National Geographic and Africa Geographic.

Her new body of work from East and Southern Africa presents a wide view, incorporating the subject as it lives within or alters its surroundings, the interconnectedness of animals, humanity and environment. Her photographs capture man-made water points in remotest deserts, wild animals existing in their natural habitats, and the strength of cultures with timeless rituals.

She moved from Oakland, California to Berlin in 2015 and is currently working on her film, Chasing Cheetah, based in Namibia; a documentary road trip searching for the cheetah in the midst of human-wildlife conflict.


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Affiliated Endorsements from Conservation NGOs & Sustainable Tourism:

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya
AfriCat Foundation Namibia
andBeyond Safaris 
Animal Ark USA
Build an Ark Foundation Austria
Cheetah Conservation Botswana
Cheetah Conservation Fund
Cheetah Outreach South Africa
Cheli & Peacock Safaris
Ewaso Lions Kenya
Iranian Cheetah Society
Mara Cheetah Project Kenya
N/a’ankusê Wildlife Foundation Namibia
Project Survival’s Cat Haven USA
Samara Private Game Reserve
Tsavo Cheetah Project Kenya
Wildlife Conservation Network

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Currently I'm working on my new film, Chasing Cheetah, based in Namibia; a documentary road trip searching for the cheetah in the midst of human-wildlife conflict.