Short Version:

I don’t know what time of day on March 6 I was born, but I do know my mother had a reuben and thought her labor was indigestion.  So here I am.

Long Version:

Born in Boston and moved to a Philadelphia suburb in New Jersey in the ’80’s, I did what most kids did at the time; played on my Intellivison, rode my bike, hung out at the mall and baked on the Jersey Shore.  At the same time, I studied classical piano and dabbled in cello, violin and flute while my mother took me to the symphony and musicals in New York.  A combination of my parents’ thick Bostonian accents, a love of reading and bit of traveling saved me from the tri-state area mall-chick drawl.  Teenage summers were spent studying fine art at University of the Arts and Rhode Island School of Design.  My cousin, the painter Lawrence Kupferman, provided support when I informed my worried parents that I’d rather go to art school than a traditional University.

In the fall of ’93 in Florence, Italy, I studied jewelry with renowned metalsmith, Betony Vernon.  During this time, I found myself caught in a political rally in Rome with five rolls of film.  That event changed my life.  (The whole story of that day can be found in the  blog.)  From then on I was a terrible jewelry student; photography won out.

At the age of 21, The Times of London offered me a photojournalism internship.  Being a young, female press photographer got me knocked around and shoved at many an assignment, but I loved every single minute.  Acting on the moxie of standing strong with the jaded British photogs, I talked my way into photographing the tour of my favorite punk band, The Damned.

Traveling in Europe and living so close to Philadelphia and New York gave me the opportunity to be influenced by original works.  Hours spent in the Duchamp room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, repeated visits to gaze at the Arnolfini Marriage by van Eyck, sitting for prolonged periods of time in front of Bruegel’s ‘Hunters in the Snow’, all influenced the ‘Untitled Works’ series, shot on infrared film and hand printed on fiber paper, each image a monoprint.

Following graduation from Rhode Island School of Design, I spent a few years in Philadelphia where the ‘Untitled Works’ series began before moving to San Francisco in 1999.  Since then I’ve lived in California and collaborated on projects with filmmakers, poets, writers, musicians and dancers.  I fell in love with the desert (thanks to Burning Man), the Land Art Movement and landscape imagery which serves as my canvas for studies in compositions and thought.  My recent artistic influences include Michael Heizer, Donald Judd, Yves Klein and the sculptors working in fire art installation in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In short, my work is evolving.

At present, I freelance with SIPA Press and have begun a documentary project to save the Cheetah, telling the story of man’s conflict with this beautiful predator and the fight for survival.  For more information and news on how to get involved, including upcoming cheetah safaris, go to