Over 90% of the world’s cheetah population has been killed in the last century, vanished from their vast historic territory, dropping from 100,000 to under 7,100: Lower than anyone imagined, these numbers reveal an emergency situation. The cheetah’s existence is both majestic and complex, shrouding the realities of its critical endangerment: Namibia is their last tenuous stronghold, and they need our attention and protection NOW.

CHASING CHEETAH is a Namibia-based Conservation Western where Mankind and Cat collide. After nearly five years without a drop of rain, long-term drought has become the norm in Namibia, and life hangs on by a thread. Livestock farmers struggle within their climate-changing world, ancient cultures live on the brink of collapse, and the enigmatic cheetah lives between them all…

The large majority of Namibia’s cheetahs live outside of protected parks, and must share their territory with humans. Cheetahs are killed indiscriminately by livestock farmers, while their own prey is poached, and their natural habitat is encroached upon by human settlements, fences and roads. Man vacillates between conflict and co-existence with the cheetah, highlighting the gossamer-thin veil between life and death in the age of the Anthropocene. While humans across the globe are increasingly forced to contemplate our own survival, the cheetah—Africa’s most endangered big cat—is fighting its existential battle NOW.

Join conservation photojournalist and director Marcy Mendelson and her crew on an adventure to uncover the cheetah’s clandestine existence, and the conflict that threatens its future.

More than ever, humans are worried about our own survival and extinction, and how we show up for these incredible cats offers insight into how we forge a sustainable future for ourselves and our fellow creatures on planet earth.

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Currently I'm working on my new film, Chasing Cheetah, based in Namibia; a documentary road trip searching for the cheetah in the midst of human-wildlife conflict.