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Yes, CHEETAH…. A summary of the project:

Once widespread across arid Africa, into the Middle East and east to India, the cheetah has suffered dramatic declines over the last century. It now lives in Africa, and a few survive in Iran. Hunted for their spotted coats and because they sometimes attack livestock, they disappeared from many areas. More recently, widespread habitat destruction has fragmented the cheetah’s range, isolating many populations. In many areas, the cheetah’s prey has been overhunted by people. Also, conflict between cheetahs and humans needs to be moderated. For example, in Namibia, ranchers may legally shoot cheetah that are believed to have preyed on livestock. The problem continues to grow and according to some ecologists, within 20 years the cheetah population could be extinct.

New methodologies for predator-safe farming are underway and showing progress in areas such as Namibia where populations are beginning to stabilize; however, without more aggressive global intervention the loss of this species may occur within our lifetime.

Cheetah: On the Losing End of a 100-Year Land Battle is a ten year project undertaken by visual artist/photographer, Marcy Mendelson. Mendelson travels to remaining cheetah strongholds in Namibia, Botswana and Kenya to expose the human/wildlife conflict through contrasting visual profiles of rural communities protecting their livelihoods and the conservationist whose mission it is to preserve and protect the last of the cheetah populations.

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Currently I'm working on my new film, Chasing Cheetah, based in Namibia; a documentary road trip searching for the cheetah in the midst of human-wildlife conflict.